Rising inequality? There’s a game for that!

“Invisible Fist” is a dark-comedy card game about people fighting the Invisible Hand of The Free Market.


Failcore announces their debut title “Invisible Fist”, set to release on February 2019. Players will take control of three different characters trying to succeed in Late Capitalism. Jeff is an anxious self-made technological multibillionaire. Rena is a middle-class student burdened with debts. Dian Hua is an ambitious electronics factory worker. “Invisible Fist” lets players experience how the environment and social class affect our lives.

“We have the highest inequality in the century and it’s only getting worse. The team behind the game experienced both the lows and the heights of Late Capitalism. Some of us were homeless. Some worked in corporations. And our investor is a self-made multi-millionaire. For us, inequality is both fascinating and terrifying.” – says Jan Cieslar, the founder and creative director of Failcore.

All characters’ stories depend on how well you play your cards. Beating the Invisible Fist can strain your character’s mental health and relationships. To add insult to the injury, a sarcastic TV-personality comments on your every move.

Invisible Fist is a narrative card game with a pinch of RPG. Players have to manage Work, Relax and Sleep cards. Work cards deal damage to the Fist but also deals Stress to the player. Relax cards cost money but also lessens the Stress. Sleep cards regenerate the HP. Players can spend every 24 hours on playing cards or doing missions for other characters.

It’s a win-win situation. If the game sells well, we will be rich and happy. If not, we can always blame Late Capitalism.”  – laughs Cieslar.

Invisible Fist is launching on February 2019 on Steam for PC and Mac. Wishlist it today.

About Failcore:

Failcore is a new studio from Warsaw, messing with games, pop-culture, and politics. Founded in December 2017 by people without any former experience in games. They were expected to fail, but somehow are still alive and kicking.

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Jan Cieślar
Founder & Creative Director
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